Kiko’s creator – Charles Peters

As a child, Charles couldn’t get enough of nature and animal books with beautiful illustrations. When growing older, he wanted to tell his own stories and encourage children to develop an interest in books and to learn more about nature, wildlife and their environment.

In 2016, Charles published his first children’s book about the fox Charly and his friends from the forest in Luxembourg. Since then, he has illustrated and published more than four children’s books.

Since he moved to New Zealand, his dream was to illustrate and publish a book for and about Aoteaora. The Kākāpō is one of his favourite animals, so this book had to be all about him. That’s how the character of Kiko originated.

Kiko & Friends – Discovering the North Island is the first book about New Zealand, with many more products & stories to come!

The idea

Instructive & beautiful children’s books about New Zealand. Kiko & Friends take the kids along on their adventures and teach them the most beautiful things about Aotearoa.


Thanks to modern technologies, Charles is drawing all of Kiko’s adventures on an Ipad using the Apple Pencil. This enables him to use a variety of drawing techniques and brings it to a whole new level.

Digitalisation & Print

As a professional graphic designer and printing expert, Charles was able to self-publish this book on his own. From drawing, layout & text up to the print & delivery to the fellow clients.